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Oshiomole: Obi couldn’t rid Anambra of insecurity; he can’t rid Nigeria

A former National Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress, Adams Oshiomhole, has said the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, failed to address insecurity in Anambra State as a governor, hence lacks the capacity to fix insecurity in Nigeria.

“Who was the governor when Bakassi developed in Anambra State? Who solved the problem? If a man could not fix the security challenges in Anambra State, which requires courage, how can he convince you that he will fix security all over Nigeria? Don’t take it from me, go to YouTube. I don’t want to look for trouble, I am a small man, anybody can deal with me”, Mr. Oshiomole said Sunday, while speaking at the APC Youth Summit in Abuja.

For almost two decades, Nigeria has been grappling with series of security challenges. It is no wonder the topic becomes the top agenda ahead of 2023 general election.