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Muslim women are partying and having great fun at an all-women-halal club in London. Merium Bhuiyan, the brains behind Club CakeFace said she was inspired by her Moroccan friends whom she said often host the most fun ladies-only parties.

Determined to offer something accessible to women like her, she “conducted some research and found there was a gap in the market,” she explains.

“Muslim women were seeking ladies-only events, but they were either difficult to find online, unaffordable, or just too far. I knew then that I could do something about this.” From there, Merium launched Club CakeFace.

“The rules for Club CakeFace are simple: No Boys, No Booze, No Babies,” says Merium.

There’s also, no photography, so partygoers can relax knowing they won’t be pictured online.