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Kano varsity suspends student for giving bouquet to female schoolmate

Abdullahi Juli Mansur, a student in the Department of Computer Science at Al-Istiqama University, Sumaila, Kano, was suspended on Tuesday for engaging in behavior considered immoral on campus.

Mansur’s suspension was a result of a public display of affection towards another student, an act the school officials found inappropriate.

In a viral video on social media, Mansur is seen attempting to give a red bouquet to a fellow student on campus.

Although the recipient did not publicly accept his gesture, the incident drew attention from other students, who cheered and created a lively atmosphere.

Just 24 hours after the video clip surfaced in cyberspace, the management of a private university issued a notice suspending the “boyfriend” for committing an act on campus that they said was immoral.

In the internal note ref. no. NO. AUS/REG/54 dated 14 May 2024. The university management has ordered the suspension of Level 200 Computer Science until further notice.

The note signed by Sani A. Usman, deputy secretary, said that a disciplinary committee has also been constituted to further investigate the situation.

“I would like to inform you that Abdullahi Juli Mansur is a student of Computer Science with registered no. AUS/SCC/COM/22/1018 has been suspended due to inappropriate behavior on campus,” the notice reads

It was gathered that the university management took the decision to protect the guiding principles of the institution.

A source privy to the incident added that the suspension was initiated because the student had been warned against similar behaviours.